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Drawn Metal Tube (DMT) manufactures non-ferrous seamless tubing with precision and quality. We offer size ranges from Outside Diameters of .046" to 2-1/2 ", Wall Thicknesses from .006″ to .250″ and straight lengths up to 24 feet.



Drawn Metal Tube (DMT) manufactures non-ferrous seamless tubing with precision and quality.



DMT has a wide range of drawing capabilities on-site, including round, square, rectangular, roped, and reeded. Precision and quality are Drawn Metal Tube’s signature.



DMT can cut tube, pipe and shapes to any length. Cutting capacity ranges from .039″ to 2-1/2″ O.D. Lengths as short as .300 of an inch. Tolerances range from +/- .002″ to .015″.

Heat Treating

Annealing/Heat Treating

DMT has the ability to anneal, bright anneal or stress relieve all products to customers’ specifications.

Additional Processes and Services-1

Additional Processes and Services

Beading, Inspection, Pickling, Chamfering, Marking, Threading, Deburring, Packaging, Straightening. Let us know your need and we can find a solution.



Drawn Metal Tube works with a variety of alloys that include (but are not limited to): Brass, Copper, Copper-Nickel, Nickel-Silver

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Product Information

What kind of custom products do you offer?

At Drawn Metal Tube (DMT), we specialize in manufacturing custom non-ferrous seamless tubing with precision and quality. Our product range includes outside diameters from .046" to 2-1/2", wall thicknesses from .006″ to .250″, and straight lengths up to 24 feet.

DMT offers a wide range of on-site drawing capabilities, producing round, square, rectangular, roped, and reeded shapes. We can cut tubes, pipes, and shapes to any length, with a cutting capacity ranging from .039″ to 2-1/2″ O.D. and lengths as short as .300 inches. Our tolerances range from +/- .002″ to .015″, ensuring precise and high-quality products tailored to your specifications.

What industries does DMT serve?

We serve a diverse range of industries with our high-quality products. Our seamless tubing solutions cater to architectural applications, special manufacturing needs, and musical instruments. We also provide products for sanitary applications, defense sectors, specialized casings such as sensor housings, staircases, elevators, decorative elements, and lighting fixtures, and much more.

Where are your products made?

All of our products are proudly made in the USA. We combine the latest technology with our experienced workforce to ensure the highest quality in every phase of the drawing process.

What brands of note has DMT serviced in the past?

We have proudly serviced multiple renowned brands, including but not limited to luxury bathroom retailers Kohler and Sloan. We provide them with high-quality tubing for use in their high-end faucets, sinks, and other premium fixtures.

What are the color-matching options?

We offer extensive color matching options to ensure consistency across various forms of metals. We can match colors for sheet and plate alloys, extrusions, castings, fasteners, tube and pipe, rod and wire, and filler metals. 

Our capabilities include matching a range of hues such as copper-red, bronze-gold, tan-gold, yellow-gold, light brown gold, lavender-brown, pink, and grey-white, ensuring that your products meet precise aesthetic and functional requirements.

For more details, please visit DMT's Color Matching and Finishes.

Can you provide material certifications or test reports?

Yes, we can provide material certifications and test reports upon request. We understand the importance of verifying the quality and specifications of materials, and we are committed to meeting the certification needs of our customers.

Ordering and Delivery

How long does it take to process an order?

The processing time for custom orders varies based on the specific requirements and complexity of the order. However, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products with reliable and prompt service. For the most accurate timeline, it is best to contact us directly to discuss your custom order details and receive an estimated processing time​.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Drawn Metal Tube (DMT) does not have a strict minimum order quantity. Customers have the flexibility to place orders according to their specific needs, whether they require small or large quantities of our products.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

While we aim to provide competitive pricing for all our customers, we understand the importance of bulk purchasing. We offer bulk discounts to accommodate larger orders. For detailed information on bulk pricing, we encourage you to contact our sales team, who can provide specific pricing based on the quantities you need.

What shipping options do you provide?

DMT offers a variety of shipping options to meet your needs. These options include standard ground shipping, expedited shipping, and freight options for larger orders. The method of shipment will be designated by DMT unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, DMT ships internationally. We are equipped to handle international shipping arrangements and costs. For specific details regarding international shipping, please contact us directly, and we will provide the necessary information to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Can you provide material certifications or test reports?

Yes, we can provide material certifications and test reports upon request. We understand the importance of verifying the quality and specifications of materials, and we are committed to meeting the certification needs of our customers.

Quality and Compliance

Do you follow specific industry standards or specifications?

Yes, DMT adheres to recognized industry standards such as ASTM and AMS for our brass and copper products. Our commitment to these standards ensures that our materials meet stringent quality and performance criteria.

Can weathering impact the appearance of your products?

Yes, weathering can affect the appearance of our products. For instance, pure copper oxidizes and forms a patina, typically greenish-blue, due to reactions with oxygen and moisture. 

Brass, which contains zinc, is less prone to corrosion but can still undergo changes, such as dezincification if the zinc content is high. The appearance of our products can evolve over time due to these weathering processes. For more details, please visit DMT's Color Matching and Finishes.

How do you ensure quality control?

Quality control is a top priority at DMT. We have stringent quality control processes in place throughout our manufacturing and distribution operations. These processes help us maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability for our products.

Can you provide information on chemical composition and mechanical properties?

Yes, we can provide detailed information on the chemical composition and mechanical properties of our products. This information is available upon request, and we are happy to assist you with any specific technical data you require.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your products?

Yes, DMT offers warranties on our products. We warrant that the materials we provide will be merchantable and fit for their intended purposes.

Technical Support

Do you have technical experts available for consultation?

Yes, DMT has technical experts available to assist with product selection and application support. Our team is knowledgeable and ready to help you choose the right materials for your specific needs.

Can you provide product recommendations based on specific requirements?

Absolutely, we can provide tailored product recommendations based on your specific requirements. Our experts will work with you to understand your needs and suggest the best products to meet those needs.

Are there any specific handling or storage recommendations for your products?

Yes, DMT provides handling and storage recommendations to ensure product integrity and longevity. These guidelines help maintain the quality of our materials and ensure they perform as expected in their intended applications.

Can you provide CAD files or drawings for your products?

Yes, CAD files and drawings are available upon request. We can provide detailed technical drawings to assist with your project planning and execution.

Company Information

What is your company's history and experience in the brass and copper industry?

DMT boasts over 75 years of expertise in the brass and copper industry. Established in 1937, we have a long-standing tradition of supplying high-quality products and delivering prompt service for all orders. Our commitment to excellence includes offering both standard sizes and customized tubular solutions.

We take pride in every phase of the drawing process, utilizing the latest technology and our experienced, knowledgeable workforce to consistently produce top-quality products made in the USA. With our extensive experience, you can trust that when you specify a particular tolerance, that’s exactly what you’ll receive.

What sets DMT apart from other brass and copper companies?

Unlike other companies that solely distribute metals, DMT specializes in manufacturing custom non-ferrous seamless tubing with a strong emphasis on precision and quality. We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes, catering to specific requirements with our advanced drawing capabilities.

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