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Weight Formulas

Burst Pressure Data

Burst pressures can be calculated by the following formula:
P=2T x S divided by O.D.

P = Burst Pressure PSI | T = Tubing Wall Thickness | O.D. = Outside Diameter of tubing
 = Ultimate Strength of Material (32,000 PSI for copper / 47,000 PSI for brass)
Note: Working PSI @ 6-safety factor of 6:1 | Working PSI @ 8-safety factor of 8:1


Tube Length Information

A. Mill Lengths: Certain uniform lengths subject to established tolerances with short lengths included according to established agreement with customer.
B. Random Lengths: Run of mill lengths without any indicated preferred length, subject to customer approval.
C. Specific Lengths: Indicated uniform lengths, subject o established length tolerances (for example: 12′ – 0″, 9′ – 7″, or 0′ – 4 1/2″ os a specified length). Unless specified otherwise, tolerances are per ASTM B251.


Weight Per Foot

To determine Weight (WT) per linear foot of a seamless tube, when Outside Diameter (O.D.) is given:
A. Subtract Wall Thickness (T) from O.D., then multiply by wall thickness. (O.D. – T) x T = Z
B. Using figure obtained from above (Z), multiply by 11.5736 for brass or 12.1768 for copper.
For Brass: Z x 11.5736 = WT per linear foot of a brass seamless tube
For Copper: Z x 12.1768 = WT per linear foot of a copper seamless tube


Additional Weight Formulas

D = Diameter | D.A. = Density of Alloy | I.D. = Inside Diameter | O.D. = Outside Diameter
T = Wall Thickness or Thickness | WT = weight | W = width

Square of D x 9.42 x DA = WT per lineal foot in pounds.

Square of One Side x 12 x DA = WT per lineal foot in pounds.

Square of Distance Across Flats x 10.4 x DA = WT per lineal foot.

T x W x 12 x DA = WT per lineal foot in pounds.

37.7 x DA x T x OD – T = WT per lineal foot in pounds.

1.27 X WT of a round tube of the same wall thickness, and of D equal to the distance across the flats of the square tube = WT per lineal foot.

T x 144 x DA = WT per square foot in pounds.

T x W x 12 x DA = WT per lineal foot in pounds.

Square of D x T x 0.785 x DA = WT of a circle.

O.D. + I.D. x O.D. – I.D. x T x 0.785 x D.A. = WT of ring in pounds.

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